22.Apr.2023, 10.30: Ateneum

22.Apr.2023, 10.30: Ateneum
Photo from Ateneum ↗️.


  • Date: 22.04.2023
  • Arrival time for hellos and getting comfortable: 10.30
  • Time to enter: 11:00


Check out the destination: https://ateneum.fi/en ↗

  • Meet: at the entrance to Ateneum. If sunny, outdoors by the entrance. Please refrain from smoking while near people 🚭 If anything is falling from the sky, indoors opposite the counters. Look for people wearing black and white. One person will be wearing a black hat.
  • Cost: 0 EUR ticket with Museokortti ↗
Tip: When talking with people, leave plenty of room beside yourself for another person to politely join your conversation!
About the Club
The Museo(kortti) Club is mailing list for people who want to get more use out of their museokortti.