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How the Club works

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You don't need a Museokortti to join the Club. Though, having a kortti ↗ makes visits easier on your wallet, because all visits are chosen from Museot's massive selection of destinations ↗ and your kortti allows unlimited access.
No need to RSVP! The Club is low-commitment. Join if you feel like it, skip if you're sick. Plan to visit solo, or bring your own crew. Either way, you'll be able to meet other Club members on the visit.
  1. Sign up to receive Club emails using the button in the bottom right.
  2. A week or two before a visit, we email you the destination, the date, and the time.
  3. On the day of the visit, arrive as early as you like. Check the email for tips on how to find other Club members waiting outside the destination. Arrive up to 30 minutes before entry time, to meet old friends and make new ones. At the time listed in the email, we all enter the destination. Follow the optional instructions in the email, or make new plans with your new friends.
That's all folks!
About the Club
The Museo(kortti) Club is mailing list for people who want to get more use out of their museokortti.
New visits monthly.